a girl so in love with the wrong world
Chloe. 19. NYC.
Supernaturalist, Whovian, Fannibal, Sherlockian- Just an overall (slightly obsessive) fangirl.

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[seductively eats breadsticks]

i’m at the doctor’s for the first time by myself oh god this is so scary

yo real talk is it blowjob or blow job


if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case

hah i just got an email from pottermore. i had completely forgotten about that. 


temporarily falling in love with the boy sat infront of you on public transport


You have no idea what I’ve been through in my life. I had the ORIGINAL GameBoy Advance. That shit had no light and I had to find the perfectly lit room. You don’t know what I come from.

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"one day you’re a soap opera star and next your two best friends are an energetic 6’4 puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face" - jensen ackles.

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