a girl so in love with the wrong world

Chloe. 20. FL, USA. Supernatural, Hannibal, Doctor Who, etc.


sam’s actual line from the sneak peak

castiel + lip snarl (requested by castiel-is-a-bluebird)

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I actually feel kinda okay today??

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actual plot twist: supernatural season 10 is now the folgers commercial


I’m sorry.


not killing myself is a personal achievement but you cant really brag about that at dinner parties

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Jensen is too good at acting scary, I swear Demon Dean is going to give me nightmares.

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I unapologetically love witchy aesthetics. I love dressing in dark mori like some sort of hippe/goth hybrid that crawled out of a forest. I love spaces filled with herbs, candles, oils, trinket boxes, rocks and lots and lots of jars filled with things. So many jars. jars for miles.

my professor just googled “google images” to get to google images